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You & Eye | Dubai Jewelry, Gifts & Accessories Shop
We are always longing for good fortune and protection. Craving the continuous positive vibes and keeping that evil glare away from us and our loved ones.

We adorned ourselves with the evil eye, a symbol of protection that has been around for over 5000 years, occupying a special place in most cultures and traditions around the world. The evil eye can be worn or hung, peering out at the world and protecting our soul from the ill will and envy of others.

You & Eye is the brainchild of Sima Barazi Haroun, the prominent jewellery and accessory aficionado and owner of Boom and Mellow stores. Sima’s belief in and profound love for this talisman inspired her to get creative and start her own brand of accessories, jewelry, clothing and home accessories. As the central motif of the brand, the eye can be found in a variety of subtle and striking colours and forms - from a range of delicate and bold necklaces, rings, and bracelets to unique home accents and tastefully adorned pieces of clothing.

The evil eye is always attractive, beguiling and eclectic, and has survived the millennia through re-invention - it has graced jewelry to home accessories in today’s world in a multitude of settings and a kaleidoscope of colours. The evil eye is not an outdated superstition. In many cultures, it is a way of life.